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Matec Fino Mornasco
A reality in weight lifting


MATEC S.r.l. was established in 2002 as a natural continuation of MATEC of R. Treccani, active in the sector since 1950.
Ever since the beginning our production and marketing activities have been aimed at mechanical components for lifting and handling machines and/or systems.

Over the years we have given ever greater importance to the spare parts sector, guaranteeing timely and efficient service to our various clients.
Currently, given the natural and continuous improvement and specialization efforts, our position on the market enables us to maintain continuous contacts with manufacturers of lifting and transport equipment, as well as with users including the most important national iron and steel and cement groups.

MATEC S.r.l.has just one location, in Fino Mornasco, easily reachable thanks to the nearby Milano-Como-Chiasso motorway.
We purposely gave the firm a streamlined and flexible structure, favoring the technical divisions and delegating all of the activities which are not closely tied to production activities to outside experts and consultants.
Therefore, at the present time, only General Management, the Engineering – Sales Department and the Purchasing Department, as well as a division for the final assembly of the components with adjoining warehouse for materials receiving and shipping are found on the company premises.